Friday, September 2, 2016

Abraham Hicks ~ What do you mean by Vibration?


By The Voice ..

This is breaking news, President Obama recently warned the American public to prepare for the worst, to stockpile food and water for two weeks. Now, Finland repeated the same warning to their countrymen, Slovakia reiterated the same message to their peoples with the President of that country asking his Prime Minister in private whether it would be feasible to arm every citizen with a gun, a Norway General recommended that their population be armed as well. A few days ago Germany issued the same warning to its citizens, ordering 21 million iodine tablets (anti-cancer treatment in the event of radiation such as from a nuclear attack). Silently over the past 6 weeks thousands of US forces including hundreds of tanks have been moved to the borders of Russia through Germany. 2 days ago there was an attempt on the life of German Chancellor Angela Merkel which was “foiled” (which was a actually a warning shot across her bow when she refused to just hand over her country for slaughter as the WMTI had requested). And now yesterday, the Kennedy Space Center has suffered a major explosion producing a non-nuclear mushroom cloud. Connected?

With the historic background being filled in by Parkes in this video, he makes a very level-headed, and compelling deduction that the staging of this war to break out with Russia is actually a very strategic chess game to orchestrate the final, long, long overdue collapse of the western central banking system now so utterly bankrupt that the system itself must be replaced rather than repaired.

Those who have been following the voice for some months will already have read my article on Obama/Akhenaten the Resurrection of a Pharaoh and know why this particular man had been chosen from past times to be resurrected for the job he is here to do, specifically, it was Akhenaten who successfully navigated Egypt in leading the re-institution of the One World Order during his reign, and instituted the Aten Sun God worship as the single religion of the world 3360 years ago. Akhenaten's original name was Amenophis IV, and is literally spoken by nearly every living person on earth today on a daily basis to end their prayers when they speak his name, Amen. He was a very successful leader and served the dark forces extremely well, which is why he was selected to do the same thing again, and while this might sound like a prophecy, it still needs to be said, there is very little chance that the US election will ever actually be held, as Hillary nor Trump have the proven track record to make this conversion. Meaning, the election would need a good reason to be suspended. Such as in the event of war.

Until now, you have not been hearing the term "armageddon" being used by major sources of real news other than from this platform where we break down for you exactly when WWIII began on 9/11 and that the biblical armageddon end-time conflict had officially been entered into the permanent akashic records of earth time-line with the recent invasion of Syria. Now Project Camelot and Simon Parkes are tossing around this reference, presented with vetted intel on who and why it is being orchestrated at this time. Rather than hand you an absolute date when the full roll-out of this conflict is set to activate in earnest, such as the thinnest point between the veils of this dimension and the astral planes where dark forces can more easily assist in service-to-self agendas here in the particle world of the 3rd dimension, being referred to as "Halloween" night, it is relatively safe to say that should the Illuminati hang on to their long-planned reinstitution of the OWO through the reign of Amen Obama, it would need to be soon.
There is a strict timeline that the WMTI have to stick to in issuing this new world-wide decree into absolute tyranny and global enslavement that has to do with alignment of celestial bodies, something they simply cannot avoid called a Stellar Activation Cycle that only comes around once every 22,556 years. A ten-year window of time where the celestial energies are high enough due to precise stellar alignment, to support natural ascension. “Ascending” is the translocation of a Spirit Essence from one dimension to the next higher, and it is not something that can just be done by simple means. 

The process of ascension requires the demolecularization of the cells of the physical body, then the transfer of those atomic particles in 100% complete “mass” through a stargate that is tuned to “portal” your entire “being” into a precise location in another precise dimension in another precise “time”, as “ascending” literally means to move forward in time, as well as moving through differing frequency bands where higher abilities can be experienced there.

 When beings were assisted with ascension by the two “Krysts” 2000 years ago, the last time we were here, such ascension was only made possible by using the Sphere of Amenti stargate located beneath the great pyramid Cheops of Giza by using what were called the “rod” and the “staff”. 

These devices were cylindrical with precisely positioned different crystals inside, designed to combine their ultra-high frequencies together in order to generate energy that might be compared with that of a directional nuclear device. The rod would be held horizontally and then the staff would be placed directly behind it vertically, which would trigger a harmonic resonance between the two, then directed at the person who was positioned in front of the stargate. Their physical body would then vaporize for want of a better word, the stargate would suck the particles through, carrying not only the “body” of the person, but also their Sentient Awareness, along with their Soul Essence through the gate. This was a mechanical means of ascension for use during times not inside of the ten-year period of a natural ascension window and was used to bring thousands of people forward during times of this extreme prison lock-down of the beings on the planet.
This is a synopsis of the controlling factors of ascension and by no means encompasses all of the elements needed for 
ascension to be successful. When an Angelic Human’s personal frequency is sufficiently high enough for this transition, their pineal gland will secret an element that surface-earth science speaks little about, and that is essentially “monatomic gold” (the closest element I can use as reference to this special material), called Carbon 7. Once an Angelic would pass through a “turn-stile” stargate such as Amenti, their new body on the other side would be coated in this light blue dust needed to make the jump. Lower-frequency beings figured out quickly after arriving that they could ambush someone coming back from a higher dimension into this one, kill them, and then scrape this dust off of their body and then use that to invade a higher dimension. I only mention this to give you an idea of the numerous elements needed in order to pass through into a different dimension. There are many others.

It is the goal of the WMTI (World Management Team Illuminati) to disrupt this organic ascension, by using CERN and other hadron colliders around the world to create new “timelines” on the planet, replacing the collective consciousness of the much more awake and aware population with a more confused collective disposition and lowered frequency than what is in place at this time. Each time they power up CERN to peak capacity, they are draining electricity in order to generate enough Dark Matter in order to cause this chaos, which would power over 100 million homes. This is roughly the same type of energy present at a mechanical ascension, which CERN is attempting to recreate as well so dark forces can attempt to break through to Tara where they intend to enslave that planet as they have done to this one. CERN’s attempts to create new timelines here is playing with your time and dates, so I cannot actually give you a DATE when the serious portion of armageddon will actually roll out, but since the election is set for November 8th, 2016, and the window of the thinnest veils between our dimensions are around a week before to a week after Halloween night, October 31st, then you can expect to see some activity with CERN between Oct. 24th and Nov. 7th if this is their intended deadline.

As mentioned, CERN is not just in the business of creating changes in your timeline, and attempting to function as a mechanical stargate for infiltration of the next higher planet within this 15 Level Time Matrix, but it is factually manufacturing or harvesting, Dark Matter.

Dark Matter, or anti-particle matter is matter that is in chaos at all times, where particle matter is stable as in your house here in this particle dimension is perfectly sound and secure. In the anti-particle mirror to your planet where Dark Matter is the reality there, your house is literally uncontrollably on fire and the reality there is continuous chaos. It takes just a teaspoon of Dark Matter unleashed in this world to create confusion, conflict as well as dark-entity invasion. This matter will be released across the globe in order to advance the institution of the end-time conflict, effecting the collective consciousness around the world. It won’t be the only element of the attack, but will be a significant factor. Such cataclysmic events must be played out in order to distract the public from the serious institution of a global rule.

And why would there be a deadline now for this year? I think that is obvious, since we are now over 3 ½ years into this Stellar Activation Cycle which is set to peak approximately by December 21st of 2017, less than 16 months away. The reason this date is so critical to the dark forces, is that at the peak of this celestial alignment, DNA seals will drop off of all Angelic Humans on the planet for the first time in 5 ½ million years, allowing ascension that will include past-life memories called Soul Essences which had been fractured in previous wars, disconnecting beings on this planet from ascending AND bringing their previous past-life memories with them. The beings that have ascended up until this time have had to do much more than just simply “ascend” in order to bring these memories and their higher-self’s original “personality” with them. This is a massive topic, and not one we will fully address here. I just need to explain what is going on with the truth about this ascension, at least to the limited understanding I have on it at this time. 

There is a MASSIVE number of beings who have chosen this exact time to incarnate here so they would be able to ascend with their past life memories (thousands, millions, trillions of years of previous lives they have lived before they came to this Time Matrix), meaning that there is a huge number of “souls” that they can prevent from escaping this dimension if they can cause enough damage to the frequencies of the planet and to the beings themselves if they roll out the conflict BEFORE the end of 2017.
The dark forces managed to destroy the Halls of Amenti only a few years ago, after the Sphere of Amenti had successfully been re-situated there for the restoration of these Lost Souls to the Spirit Essences now set for ascension, so the Sphere of Amenti had to be removed from earth and positioned in a deep-space secret portal location that can be accessed through portals on earth when the energies are high enough organically to support natural ascension. The invader races have been trying to destroy the Sphere ever since they returned to earth after the Fall of Man war, because destroying that removes the hope of ever getting back those memories which would emasculate the abductees, essentially handing “eternal” victory to your captors. The only chance they have to stop this mass ascension potentiality would be now or never.
Parkes mentions that Hillary has been offered a clone body for her term as president (in an event where she would wind up being the only candidate after Trump had been eliminated), which she has refused. When he explains why she doesn’t want to use that body, he mentions her “soul”, which she would “lose” by this swap, and I wanted to explain exactly what he means by this, as the entire topic of “soul” and “spirit” seems to be universally misunderstood by the collective consciousness of surface-earth today. The “spirit” is your Self Awareness, or your “mind of god” that makes your daily decisions. Your “soul” essence, as mentioned, is your past-life memories. Hillary’s Signature Spirit Essence could in fact be placed into a different body, if that body’s DNA were an exact duplicate of the DNA inside of her organic Avatar, that is true. Just think of it like the human body as a car that you can drive around in, and while your Self Awareness is choosing each turn, the oil in the engine let’s say, is recording your every mile, which would be your “soul” essence memories. In this case the car is the Avatar (manifestation for your Sentience to operate), and the oil is the BLOOD carrying the WET DNA of the manifestation which carries the Soul Essence memories in its silicate matrix records. While they can download her current life’s memories into her new cloned brain, what they CAN’T do, is bring her Soul Essence into the new body, because her real body carries those past memories she has in her blood. And of course, she doesn’t want to lose fond memories of her current past, such as Benghazi.
So, while this final conflict prophesied for thousands of years to happen during this time actually gets fully underway, you will have much to do in order to avoid your nearly inevitable visit to Camp Fema for your brain-washing necessary to dissuade you from believing in “conspiracy theories” and believing that you have a “right” to own any type of protection. You have been given advanced warning for the signs of the kick-off to this apocalypse for years, and now Simon Parkes who has inside intel into such events similar to the voice, is giving you a countdown to the very same weeks of the year with his insights into what is happening behind the scenes. There are too many indicators of this being the last-chance timing for this roll-out to ignore, and too many to list. You have been given very specific instructions on how to best survive this event by a member of the Interdimensional Association of Free Worlds, not long ago down this wall. This was her first direct message to readers of the voice, and written exactly at a time that would have allowed you to have already stocked up on your supplies, relocated to an area less instantly affected than where you might possibly be now, such as a big city such as New York, Chicago, L.A., etc. which will be the epicenter of the final rollout. You have been told how to identify the level of safety or lack thereof regarding your choice of domicile, in very clear terms in other articles not long ago shared on this wall as well. If you haven’t bothered to read these articles until now, most likely the 12th hour itself of this event, I would strongly suggest you take a look now.
While Simon’s recommendations for preparation may be very wise, they certainly don’t even begin to cover the issue on any level that can be considered even remotely providing you actual safety during such a strategically calculated program. Other programs have been rolled out in the past many times by the invader races on their quest for earth-dominance and absolute planetary control, and such past events have been recorded in your religious documents you know well, such as the most recent sinking of Atlantis that produced the global flood made famous by King James in his bible program. This should give you an idea of what level of weight you might want to place on what an “apocalypse” might look like as it nears full-scale application.
For those feeling this is fear-porn, please keep your thoughts to yourself, as there will be no such thing as a second chance for you to disrespect this advanced warning message from the voice. If there is no room in your life for preparing for trains heading down your tracks directly to your campsite you have built on them, then that is certainly your prerogative, but for those who would prefer to at least hear the train whistle, giving you a few moments to take action, this message was written for you.
the voice
When you do not pass this message on to every living being on this planet, and you dismiss the more than 3 years of in-person education behind it, you are not doing what you have been contracted to do. You already know that you are supposed to share this in every way that you can, I am only reminding you of your job. The Warriors of Tara *will hear this message.

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