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KRYS-THL’-A represents the Seven Sacred First Audible Core-Creation Sound Tones of this 15 Dimensional Time Matrix of Ka-Ra-Ya-Sa-Ta-Ha-La. The term was used in reference to the collective body of the 12 CDT-plates oral Legions. These oral Legions embodied the science of ascension through our 15 Dimensional Time Matrix.  Each CDT-Plate is connected to an Angelic Human Tribe who were souls seeded from Amenti which was a sphere of souls that came from our Earths Harmonic Universe 2: Tara (many times referred to as Heaven). Each Angelic Human tribe was connected to the assimilation and healing of a DNA strand and its corresponding Dimension/Stargate/Chakra/Signet/ Axe-tonal line of this 15 Dimensional Time Matrix due to damage that had occurred a very long time ago to the time matrix.

Sphere of Amenti

When the races of the Sphere of Amenti finally began to appear on Earth about 250 million years ago, and after many inter-galactic wars were fought by races who did not want the Covenant of Palaidor to be fulfilled, they became to be known as the Turanueusiams-2 or T-2 experiment. This represented the
seeding of the Twelve Tribes out of which your present human lineage has emerged. From the Sphere of Amenti five smaller spheres were created, which became the morphogenetic patterns for five races known as the Cloistered Races. Collectively the five Cloistered races were called the Palaidorians, as they represented the beginning of the fulfillment of the Covenant of Palaidor. This period became known as the Second World

Tara HU-2

Planet counterpart of Earth located in Harmonic Universe-2 (HU-2). (your Earth is presently in HU-1) where the Turaneusiam were originally seeded approximately 560 million years ago.
Approximately 550 million years ago the Power-generator Crystals deep underground in Alania (a continent of Tara) exploded, due to the Templar Solar Initiates’ misuse of power from Tara’s planetary core. This created a chain reaction of implosions within Tara’s planetary grid.Portions of Tara’s grid were blown apart and fragmented, becoming detached from the Morphogenetic Field of the planet.The fragments of Tara’s planetary grid became dismembered, fell in vibration, and were pulled into a sun within Tara’s universe, vaporized, and the morphogenetic field carried in those fragments was pulled into a Black Hole at the center of this sun and re-emerged into a galaxy within the lower-dimensional fields of Harmonic Universe-1 (HU-1).Entering this system as gaseous substance, this morphogenetic field broke into pieces, which set up a “mini solar system” around a star within an already existing HU-1 solar system. One of the 12 pieces of Tara’s fragmented morphogenetic field fused with this sun, while the 11 other pieces began to build up matter density and re-manifesttheir forms through their portion of the morphogenetic field.These planets did not birth into existence in the usual accretion fashion, for they carried with them the organizational imprint of part of Tara’s planetary grid
morphogenetic field. These planets did not birth into HU-1, they fell into it, literally. They original morphogenetic field fell in vibration, reorganized through the morphogenetic field of a star, and re-manifested within a slower vibrating dimensional scale. The 12 planets entering HU-1, 550 millions years ago are the planets of your local solar system – Mercury, Venus, Earth, Maldak (imploded to become the asteroid belt), Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, Nibiru (very long orbit, not yet discovered by Earth scientists), and your Sun (the part of Tara’ morphogenetic fields that fused with this already existing non Taran sun). The fragments of Tara became part of the Unified Field morphogenetic Field structure of HU-1.
This event of Tara’s cataclysm became known as the “Fall of Man”. The consciousness of the beings who were blown apart in Tara’s fall, also fell into HU-1.

They became ripped from their race morphogenetic field at Tara’s core and disengaged from their original soul matrices through which they needed to evolve in order to pass out the Time Matrix and Dimensionalized systems, and return to Source as pure consciousness. These souls became trapped in time, fragmented in units of consciousness
within the Unified Field of HU-1, and they would have remained there if a rescue mission, The Covenant of Palaidor, had not been orchestrated.

Twelve Tribes

The twelve sub-species of humans reseeded upon the Earth 20 to 25 million years ago. At this time, the creators of the Turaneusiams decided to try another experiment: To seed again their humans into the Earth system, but this would be done more slowly – the genetic imprint of the original prototype (the 12 strands DNA Silicate Matrix) would be broken down into sections or sub-imprints.Each imprint would be used to create a “smaller” prototype or sub-species of the original Turaneusiam created in Tara. The genetic package was broken down into twelve units, each containing two primary attributes of the original pattern that contained twelve strands of DNA.

The 12 strands DNA Silicate Matrix

The twelve groups of beings or “Tribes” were separated. As each of the twelve groups overcame the duality coded within its genetic structure, it would be brought into alignment with the tribes that have done the same. Through this process the human genetic strain would, over time, evolve into the wholeness of its original twelve strand DNA pattern again.It was and is a plan that would take several hundred thousand years to complete, if the species was able to evolve rather than fall into de-evolution once more.

Once the new human sub-species evolved to comprehend their origins they would be able to reassemble the dismantled DNA within their cellular structure, organize the actual original memory imprints, and with the help of inter-dimensional teachers connect to their original soul matrix families. Only through this connection to their original Soul Matrices could the species re-bundle the DNA - 12 Strand of the first Turaneusiam prototype.


Adam” and “Eve” were symbolic personages representing this polarization of the twelve single strands of DNA into twelve sub-species and the birth of duality of consciousness.
These Tribes were collectively known as the 12 Legions of the Krysthl’-a. Each Tribe was responsible for the CDT-plate connected to their particular evolutionary development. These Cloister Dora Tera Plates are digitally coded spherical metallic discs of Keylonta Coded information. A rudimentary way of saying this is that it is like downloading someone’s memory into a computer and then burning it on a disc. This disc can then be reloaded via Keylonta technology back into specialized cellular Human Coded Brains.

Bible 12 - Jacob's sons ?

The Speakers

These specialized Humans are called “Speakers,” who were and are Indigos that came in threes from the Rishi collective of our Primal Light and Sound fields of Dimensions 13-15. These Speakers had birthed in simultaneous time vectors first starting with CDT-Plate 1 that corresponded to Tribe 1 when the particular Tribe had evolved enough to down-step the Keylonta coded information into the Earth grids, during certain types of Planetary cycles that connected to all other simultaneous Time vectors, creating easier access to the full Planetary Templar Complex. 


 The Last Seeding
Keep in mind time is an outer domain construct to give the “Universal Mind” the perceived illusion of action, movement of events happening, “the feeling of moving through time”. This creates the experience of “Manifest solid carbon-base (reality” of Density 1 all the way up to the cloud vaper/ Silica-Gas of the the Rishi of Density 5 of the outer domains within the Unified 

 Internal/Eternal domains of Source One Spirit of the Krysthl-a/ Melchizedek/Ra of our 15 dimensional Time Matrix. Past, present and future are all happening Now.

Also keep in mind there are many billions upon billions of realms of reality other than our 15 dimensional matrix. Yet within our Internal/Eternal Matrix construct they all follow the same basic Keylonta mechanics within the “Stairway to Heaven” construct.
The process of down-stepping is very much like an electrical relay system where the 13th dimensional Rishi Melchizedek Cloister Emerald Order Guardians insert the disc into the mental Brain construct of the Speaker who is taking the full load of the information into their coded cellular density 1 structure. For if the full brunt of the coded information was directly run into the Planetary grids the grids would shut down naturally to keep from overloading and blowing up.
By first loading into a specialized Indigo Human that can hold the frequency charge of the information then through certain types of rituals including dance and singing of certain sound tones, the whole tribe would break the coded information into bite size pieces for the grids to absorb.
The first three Tribes are responsible for DNA strands 1-3 which make up Harmonic Universe 1 Earth plane and its corresponding Stargates/Chakras/signets and Axe-tonal lines. 
Tribe 1 = Original blue and green-eyed Australian Aborigine; often red haired who were connected to the Antarctica region.
Tribe 2 = Florida Seminole Native Americans Sarasota Florida, and Brenoua dark complected and brown skinned Haitian-Bimini Island races who also happened to be of Mu'A of Lemuria (Hawaii), Easter Island and Southwestern Native American descendant tribes. Also known as the original Hebrew (Hibiru Cloister and Melchizedek Cloister hybrid) races of Jerusalem and Jordan. This would correlate with who we know as the Moabite/ Muur/Moor.
Tribe 3 = Nohassa Atlantis Bermuda Islands, Johannesburg South Africa dark complected, brown and (pale skinned Druedeks of Nohassa Atlantis).
Thanks to these powerfully strong root races the rest of the 12 Tribes could be seeded within their particular time vector into the Earth grids and their corresponding CDT-plate codes for all of Humanity to evolve back to our full potential within this 15 dimensional time matrix.
 Sadly this is not the end of the story as we all know because we are not running around or should I say flying around as fully functioning 12 stranded Avatars. The Anu-Elohim of the Anu-Melchizdek/Maur who are directly related to the Elohi-Elohim of the Melchizedek Cloister Emerald Order of the Direct Angelic Human lineage had engineered the Annunaki (Avengers of the Anu) who became the Templar Melchizedek race who interbred with other Alien races such as Zetas and Draconian and certain Human Hybrid groups to create the Draco and that we refer to as the Raider Races/Illuminati/Cabal Legion Controller Race.

 Controller Races



The True Advanced Civilizations of the Angelic KRYSTHL-A Human through forced breeding and mass genocide became lost with their cellular memory of who we are. The CDT-plates were then hidden in various places to keep the knowledge away from the infiltrators. As these raiders manipulated the Planetary Templar, the word Krysthl-a in later historical mis-translations of the 12 oral CDT-plates fragmented and polarized into Kryst which later became Christ and the HL-A later became Allah
During different time periods after the inception of the 12 oral CDT-plates on Earth portions of the 12 plates information were reorganized and reconstructed or re-legion-ed into the Maharata text of what became the original Angelic Human Earth Re-Legions. Eventually the word became Religion as it pertained to different dialects through out the Earth. These 12 Angelic Human religions were unique within themselves yet all were complementary because they still retained the same Keylonta root knowledge.

Through the distortions in your traditions and ancient teachings you have been taught to disown personal power, to deny your perceptions and to perpetually distract yourself from looking inward to the knowledge that lives within your connection to the Host Soul Matrix that now serves as the organizational structures for your fragmented genetic code.Instead you have cultivated the habit to adhere to the dictates of outside figures of authority. You have been taught to obey, to follow blindly the ideas others have handled to you and to fear and mistrust the very nature of your humanity.
You have been taught that you were powerless and unworthy, and that your bodies were somehow wretched and unclean and that you can “find God” by
searching outside of yourself, or by appeasing some self appointed authority figure who had the power to hold your divinity for you.
  We still see how the polarized fragmentation continues to play out today. Both have pure authentic Krysthl-a roots that over time became butcherized as mankind became fragmented. Now it is a matter of  putting the puzzle pieces back together again.
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