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The Electric Wars The real history of the human race

As a child I was fascinated with science fiction and fantasy books, describing civilizations that spanned the stars or lived in worlds of enchanted wonder. I left those books behind when I discovered books by authors that tried to unlock the secrets of the pyramids and other ancient wonders. Then I had a spiritual awakening and began to delve into New Age Material, while still reading anything I could find on the unsolved mysteries of ancient archeology and lost civilizations.
What I have learned is that human civilization is far older and more sophisticated than mainstream science, archeology and history has provided to the mainstream public and that the truth has been published but is so fantastic and incredible that most people simply discard it as sheer fantasy and conspiracy

This article The Electric Wars, The real history of the human race will describe the horrific results of an ancient war five and half million years ago, that changed the course of human evolution so profoundly, that we still suffer from its effects, today! This war caused humanity to not only suffer the loss of our immortal bodies but the memory that we ever existed in such a golden state of spiritual bliss and harmony.
Huge war broke out over this First Roor races Seeding on 7D Future Earth Gaia, this is called the Electric Wars. It was a conflict over the dominion of the Earth Realms and the DNA seeding and evolution of the Human (Christ) Kingdom. Race War Conflicts ensued over the genetic mutations and DNA damage that was caused by explosions and other races subsequent evolutionary and genetic digressionit was a conflict over the dominion of the Earth Realms and Human Chris Kingdom after the Lyran Wars with the Orion Group destroyed Lyran planets. Race War Conflicts continued after the Orion Wars Lyra, which ensued over the genetic mutations and DNA damage that was caused by explosions and multiple other races subsequent evolutionary and genetic digression.

Lyran-Elohim and the Founders re-negotiated to ensure that Human species evolution would continue in lower dimensions of the Earth, Tara and Gaia, but would be sealed off from the higher realms as to protect the higher dimensions and entities from all of the distortions and genetic mutations that had occurred in the Human Race. Humans would have to undergo a slow evolution to reassemble DNA and clean up their mess to be allowed access to their Cosmic Families again. Our bodies were sealed off and we were separated from our 12 DNA Consciouseess, and this distortion to us created a separation between our antiparticle and particle selves, meaning we now experienced separation and duality.Many more distortions to Human species Blueprint and consciousness occurred through subsequent seeding and evolutionary rounds. This also meant we would experience separation and awareness of the other aspects of ourselves, including our Lightbody layers. To begin the healing of our fragmentation we would begin by unifying our stations of identity and its layers of consciousness through the time fields (dimensions) During our repeated incarnations we would begin the unification of our consciousness by starting to draw in our Lemurian fragments in through our 2D/2 Chakra  and our Atlantian Fragments through our 3rd Chakra and Conscious Minds. The human 4D Astral Plane body would also draw in 3rd and 4th Root race Fragments, as a part of the separated emotional-soul body that was created from these distortions in our morphogenetic field blueprint from DNA damage. So another task for human race is that we are responsible to collect the fragments of ourselves from the other root race cycles and seedings.

We as a species have never recovered from this war, that we didn't even participate in but clearly suffered the greatest losses from. Not only was the planet Earth destroyed and uninhabited for over 4,000 years because of it but much of the human race was scattered across the galaxy as refugees.
However human evolution is nowhere near what we have been taught and had it not been disrupted by The Electric Wars 5,509,000 years ago we may well have already Ascended to the next stage of human evolution. This War severely handicapped the human race spiritually and physically in such a way that we have never recovered. And from the end of that war until today Our Story has been so completely rewritten as to hide the truth from us and prevent enlightenment, on a scale unimaginable by the public and so big that the scope of this lie isn't even entertained.
The Electric Wars were fought essentially between a rebel group of Sirian-Anunnaki and the Elohim and Guardian Races of the Covenant of Plaiador from Harmonic Universe (HU) Two and Three. Basically they were fighting for control of the extensive Star Gate system on Earth and the Sphere of Amenti. However the Turaneusiam-2/12 Experiment that allowed humanity to evolve on Earth as a means of evolving back to its planet of origin in HU-2, Tara, (Tera) was threatened by this war and many of the race went underground and found safety with Hollow or Inner Earth civilizations or were removed to other star systems, with in HU-1.

This war effectively ended mankind's ability to Ascend naturally through the Halls Of Amenty and although they could still evolve spiritually.

What basically happened is we developed a type of tunnel vision that prevented us from accessing our spiritual bodies and become reliant on only our five physical senses. However this arrangement also manifested in humans by blocking the energetic connection between their etheric and physical bodies.
To understand this part, requires we find the courage and resolve to look upon our past in an entirely new light. We must peel away the layers of deceit and learn to process and accept new information, in way that allows us to intuitively acknowledge its veracity. Because of this war and the results which have blocked not only our memory of it but our entire racial memory and evolution of events before this war, our entire previous past has been rewritten, this is known among many researchers as the BIG LIE.

This idea is what prevents millions of people from waking up. Because to do so requires that you simply throw away everything you have ever been taught your entire life. This takes the kind of courage most people simply do not have. This is why it is said that we "live in a society based on fear" because discarding a lifetime of education to entertain an idea with little proof, scientific evidence or supporting documentation requires the kind of courage and faith that many people just don't have nor will ever develop without help.

What needs to be emphatically emphasized is that every single aspect of our world from education and religion to the economy, war, politics, myths, legends, medical practices and even the way we raise our children has been designed specifically to keep us as a race from recognizing how thoroughly we have been deceived.

One of the most difficult concepts to accept is that the majority of people on this planet aren't even pure humans. Let me be clear here, over 65% percent of the 7 billion "people" on this planet are alien/human hybrids. Effectively sleeper agents for the many factions of Anunnaki rebels, Zeta Reticuli and Draconian/Reptilians. The plan was never to invade Earth it was to take over from within by controlling the Illuminati Shadow Governments until a sufficient hybridization program could reach maturity.

Fear is a natural reaction to information that will permanently alter your paradigm or world view, this is known as Cognitive Dissonance in psychological circles. Even people that feel they are awake still have a difficult time processing information that reveals how Big this Lie really is. The fear of being wrong or appearing stupid prevents more people from recognizing how deep the rabbit hole of knowledge really goes and accepting that the Big Lie encompasses all aspects of our world, than any other factor on this planet.

Again the information that reveals the true nature of Our Story has already been published and exists but because this disinformation threatens our religious doctrine, known archeology, history, geology, astronomy and even the New Age movement, most people are simply unwilling to allow this information any foothold in their lives. even when we think we have discovered the truth, it is most likely just another layer of the massive deception perpetrated on our race to prevent the ardent researcher from accidently stumbling on the truth. This Disinformation propaganda is achieved through our own amnesiac state of being, where we cannot remember any past lives, racial memory and connection to our own planet or higher selves.



Genetic Transmutation


To be certain, humans before The Electric Wars, possessed immortal bodies designed to trans-mutate as we grew spiritually. This transmutation would allow our human bodies to grow lighter in vibrational frequency, until we achieved a state that would allow us to pass through the Sphere of Amenti and Ascend back to the Harmonic Universe-2 and Tara where we originated from.
To do this we had to maintain our pure human genetics but many of our race had begun to inter-breed with other Alien races and with animals on our planet. This exploration of our genetic strain, caused our spiritual and physical evolution to digress, which prevented our ability to trans-mutate or raise our vibrational frequency and we began to lose our immortality.

This caused great concern among the higher dimensional beings of the Harmonic Universes involved Earth T-2 Experiment. Some factions wanted to terminate the experiment, eliminate the current human race and begin again. Others just wanted to use the planet Earth and its many natural star gates and portals to create their own experiment and to colonize their own genetic variation of themselves on Earth. This lead to conflict among the higher dimensional beings of HU-2 and HU-3.
To fully understand the implications and results of our digressing evolution and reasons behind what would cause immortal beings to give up their spiritual and physical perfection and engage in practices that would lead to their immortal demise, we need to recognize how this came about and why?

To be sure, life on Earth in those days, was truly a paradise for third dimensional beings and for a millions of years humanity had existed in a spiritual state of bliss, wanting for nothing. Their Ascension rate was unparalleled throughout the entire Galaxy. Humanities connection to their "I AM" Presence flowed freely and no one used their energy to create discord. In this state humanity could not practice deception of any kind because the radiance their bodies emitted showed all what they were feeling and thinking.


So what is one to do, if even the so-called truth is a lie?


Find the courage and faith to continue to seek and never be satisfied until the truth resonates like the harmonic melody of the music of your heart. Because your heart has intelligence and knows the truth but we must learn to listen to it again after millions of years of being conditioned to seek answers from sources outside ourselves.

With All My Love

Monday, February 13, 2017

Hall of Records with Alien technology Discovered in the mountains of Romania ?

The other Gods of the Earth Romania

After two years of work, the documentary French team led by DEIMIAN finalized and launched a film that certainly will reach the major international television stations. Said other Land of the Gods, the film devotes an hour and forty minute history of our region, from Cucuteni to the Geto-Dacian, while exploring places and artifacts enigmatic stories and local legends about mysterious events that -ar could spend sometime here. Performed at a high artistic exception, with a montage, graphics and sound section that would gauge proud broadcasters BBC, Discovery or National Geographic, the film makes major services Romania's image. The realization I was invited to participate and I (my presence in the film is quite consistent), but also others in Romania, in addition to filmmakers and French researchers ... The film touches a number of controversial issues such as Sinaia lead plates, Tablets Tărtăria or legends of giants (Jidovilor), but the filmmakers treat them in a balanced manner. Although there are few places that do not share the interpretation given by the filmmakers, the film is as a whole. a remarkable achievement that will bring major benefits to Romania in our country and will attract many foreign tourists. Now, the film is available online in Romanian, French, English and Spanish. So if you have friends speaking the three languages listed, it is a great opportunity to invite them to discover the special things about Romania. Below you can see the first 22 minutes in Romanian ... On account VIMEO free version of the film there and 22 minutes in French, English and Spanish. To watch the full film to be paid, but I assure you deserve! But that appreciate you after watching the 22-minute free snippet posted at the end of the article.

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