Wednesday, May 17, 2017



In the Beginning

The God Worlds is a story of creation. This story begins with Source and it ends with Source. Source is the foundation upon which the whole structure is built. My Relationship with Source Comes First. is a very important Part of my relationship with Source is how I perceive Source, how I conceive Source, what is my conception of Source. Source is the core concept upon which all of creation is built, and, in particular, upon which the God Worlds are built.

Order, Intelligence, and Consciousness

In explaining the Cosmos, we always start with the Holographic Template. The Holographic Template is literally the secret blueprint that you do not see, behind which and under which matter is accreted, or matter is manufactured. The Holographic Template refers to "hologram." The Holographic Template starts with what we call units of the Consciousness of God-Source. This is Primal Substance-the substance out of which something is made. "What is this stuff?" Well, it is obviously energy, but "what is energy?"

12 Tree Grid the Christos original blue print

Consciousness IS Energy and Energy IS Conscious.

Consciousness is a substance. It is a substance that takes on the form of waveforms. They can be standing waves or moving waves, however the templates upon which density (or matter manifestation) occurs are standing waveforms. A standing wave is called a Scalar Standing Wave. It holds a fixed point in a grid with many others, and there are very specific mathematical relationships and geometrical relationships between the positioning of these standing columns of wave forms. Standing waves oscillate and vibrate.


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