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15-Dimensional Anatomy

15·Dimensional Anatomy

Stair Step Creation is the organic process by and through which Source-God perpetually manifests itself through dimensionalization into individuated manifest expression, for the purpose of experiencing space- time-matter reality. Every being and thing in any manifest reality field comes into being through the process of Stair Step Creation. This organic process of Primal Creation Physics implies that every being, including humans, are directly, energetically and eternally connected to specific, fixed structures of multidimensional energy anatomy, and their corresponding interdimensional stations of conscious identity. Through these structures of multidimensional energy fields, within which the higher dimensional or "spiritual" portions of the personal identity are focused, every being is indelibly connected to the central, unified Source of
creation or God. The process of personal evolution through the experiences of space, time and matter has at its core the evolutionary objective of each being, as an individuated manifestation of Source, eventually expanding back into its wholeness as Source, in return to its natural organic state of being.

The natural mechanics of spiritual actualization for any manifest being, as implied by the dynamics of Stair Step Creation, are the processes by which dormant portions of the DNA template are progressively activated within the biological form. Through activation of the DNA template, progressive integration of the energy frequencies that make up the dimensionalized levels of the spiritual body and consciousness (which exist as precise arrangements of scalar standing waves), are brought into active embodiment within the biologically-based conscious awareness. Embodiment of the higher dimensional scalar-wave forms that compose the spiritual identity creates the systematic transmutation of physical matter density and expansion of individuated consciousness awareness back into its organic energetic state of At-ONE-ment
with Source, in a process called. Transmutational Dimensional Ascension.

The Holographic Template

The externalization of life, manifestation of matter and individuation of identity are holographic projections of consciousness-energy substance created through an intrinsic order of energetic relationships. Consciousness IS Energy and Energy IS Conscious, and all conscious energy exists within and is part of Source.

Manifestation templates serve as structured blueprints upon which consciousness manifests into dimensionalization for the experience of space-time-matter. There are many manifestation templates that exist within Source. Reality is thought construction. The core substance of the cosmos is consciousness. Thought is an attribute of consciousness, the filter through which consciousness manifests itself into the hologram of form. Nothing is truly solid.

All things are composed of consciousness, and their apparent solidity is determined by the relationship between the consciousness observing the form and the consciousness of which the form is made. Human consciousness emerges through an order of dimensionalization which sets the framework within which the interrelationships of consciousness can take place. Human perception of solidity and externalization is determined by the oscillation rates between dimensionalized units of consciousness.

The human body is a holographic projection of consciousness built upon a holographic template of structured units of consciousness. The holographic template represents the living morphogenetic field or the dimensionalized blueprint of consciousness, light, sound and scalar waves within which the individuated consciousness is stationed and upon which the illusion of solidity of the body matter is formed

The causal element of all manifest experience is called a Morphogenetic Field or Manifestation Template.' Keylontic Science, the Science of Manifestation Templates, is part of a larger paradigm of science that is known as 15-Dimensional Universal Unified Field Physics. Perception of solidity and externalization is determined by the oscillation rates between dimensionalized units of consciousness: Partiki, PartikA and Particum. Dimensionalized units of consciousness form frequency bands that exist in specific relationship to each other. Dimensionalization creates the structure, through which consciousness can perceive the hologram of externalization. The human body is a hologram built upon a holographic template of units of consciousness structured into scalar standing wave grids that representthe living morphogenetic field blueprint upon which matter and dimensionalized consciousness manifest. Source is an infinite and eternal field of consciousness and energy and is the organizational intelligence and sentient creative force that is responsible for the design and creation of the cosmos.

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