Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Temporary Maharic Seal Bio-Regenesis Technique


The Maharic Shield is the Foundation Technique for all other energy work for building bio-energetic field integrity and accelerating spiritual

The D-12 Maharic Shield creates protection form interdimensional manipulation of our natural bio-
neurological communication lines.
As the Maharic Shield is composed of 10th, 11th and
12th Dimensional Scalar Grids (Mahara Hova Body), it contains within it the 144 Frequency Sub-harmonics of the entire 12-Dimensional Spectrum.
Because of its 144 Sub-Harmonic scalar-wave spectrum, the 12th Dimensional level of the Maharic Shield can RESET the original, non-distorted imprint of Partiki Phasing flash-line sequences within the entire Kathara Grid 12-Tree.

To restore the Imprint for Health within the Body-Mind-Spirit System, the Holographic Template of scalar-grids upon which the system manifests must be restored to its original function.

Activating the Maharic Shield will open, activate and realign the scalar-wave flash-line sequences of dormant Kathara Centers, Kathara Lines, Crystal Seals, Hova Bodies, Diodic Points, Chakras and DNAwithin the outer levels of the morphogenetic field and body.
Practice of the Maharic Shield activates and runs the Maharata Current within the human body, allowing the Maharata Current to serve as the "Carrier Wave" for the direction of inter-dimensional frequency into Earth's Templar.

Running the Maharata also accelerates DNA Template activation, progressively restores the D-12 Pre- matter Personal Divine Blueprint for increased bodily health, accelerates spiritual integration, progressively activates the personal Merkaba Vehicle and amplifies natural consciousness expansion and
higher sensory perception.

 Most importantly, running the Maharata Current via the Maharic Shied creates a temporary pillar of D-12 "Christos Frequency" within you bio-energetic field and DNA, linking you and your multi-dimensional anatomy directly to its inner Christos Pre-matter Divine Blueprint to create a D-12 field of protection within the personal mind-body-spirit system through which essential bio-energetic field integrity can be created and maintained.
Running the Maharata on a regular basis will increase the longevity of the body and accelerate natural healing process.


  1. Any sources to the originator of this work?

  2. Yes look here :


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