Monday, August 1, 2016

Are You Indigo?

Your Starseed Awakening

Have you ever caught yourself stargazing for no apparent reason?

        Have you ever wondered if your soul is from another star system?

        Did you ever feel like Earth is not your 'home' planet?

If you answered yes to any of these, then you may be a starseed.

The term starseed outwardly seems very hippyish, but when you dissect the truth behind the energy signatures that we were each born into, then you would already know that our zodiac signs and, consequently, specific planetary influences already control what we look like, our qualities and faults, our life challenges and so much more.

However, while these planetary influences may only subjugate ourselves within this current incarnation to apply to specific traits and qualities, they also show how we "came from the stars".

Thus, the question still remains,

    "What solar system did our souls incarnate to before we came to Earth?"

Over the past few decades a “new breed" of children has caught the attention of the scientific communities in the US, China, Mexico, Russia and other countries. These children display unusual physical and psychological attributes that separate them from the “norm”, such as: enhanced immunological systems and advanced genius or highly gifted intelligence, to more extra-ordinary abilities of a “paranormal”nature that we most often do not hear about in mainstream analysis. In recent times, and primarily within the deffinitions ascribed to the New Age Movement”, the term “Indigo Children" has become a popular term in describing this “new breed" of child. The “Indigo” description emerged through intuitive observation of the “subtle body" or auric field, in which a greater concentration of color in the Blue wave spectra is a dominant feature.

Along with research provided by the more metaphysical among us, additional work on identifying Indigos has been compiled through the contemporary psychiatric model such as is explored in the book “The Indigo Children” by Lee Carroll and Jan Tober (Hay House publishing-1999). In this book, the less appealing qualities, demonstrated by Indigos, are brought to light, along with their advances. Though Indigos hold great potentials in modeling evolutionary advancement, there is also a “dark side” to the Indigo Story, in that they frequently display psychological behaviors associated with “Attention Deficit
Disorder (ADD)", “Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder" (ADHD) and as some believe, with violence, such as that demonstrated in the contemporary wave of “school yard slayings” (children killing classmates, teachers and others). Within the psychological paradigm, Indigos are most often treated with symptom-
suppression drug therapy, in which pharmaceuticals such as Ritalin and Cylert are used to control disruptive behaviors (the issue of drug therapy for Indigo‘s will be discussed later in this presentation). I found the Carroll/Tober book especially useful in regard to practical identification of more apparent Indigo
characteristics and in offering a variety of helpful coping perspectives for parents and teachers of the Indigo Child. Again, | recommend exploring the works of others that actively research the phenomenon of the Indigo Children.

The phenomenon of the Indigo Children is both spiritual and genetic, and their placement among us represents the beginning of the externalization of our intrinsic process of BIO-SPIRITUAL EVOLUTION - the long-hidden dynamics of the design through which the evolution of our race consciousness and genetic code progressively expands through time. Our search to understand the implications of the Indigo Children will lead us deep into our long-forgotten past and far beyond the scope of our contemporary paradigms of psychology, spirituality, science and history— it will lead us into exploration of Othenivorlds; for it is from Otherworlds that the lndigos now come.

The details of the paradigm, within which the Indigo phenomenon can be understood, Include advanced scientific perspectives regarding ultra-micro-paiticle physics, scalar-grid mechanics, templates of 15-dimensional structure and their corresponding 15-dimensions of human anatomy, as well as the intrinsic design of the human DNA and its intimate relationship to consciousness. This paradigm also includes explanations of the tangible structure of the Soul and higher dimensional attributes of identity, and an
expansive picture of human evolution that threatens to turn upside-down, the limited portions of ideologies endorsed by traditional scientific, psychological, religious and historical models. This paradigm of reality.

interpretation involves far more than any paradigm presently understood within the mainstream view. One day, traditional models will expand into the new frontiers of Multi-dimensronality but we can no longer wait for our mainstream paradigms to expand enough to encompass the realities of our present evolutionary expansion. The Indigos are here now and they bring with them the implied message of our race evolutionary acceleration. If we want to understand what is taking place, we need to allow our paradigms of belief and reality interpretation to evolve.

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