Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Rules and Balances

 Rules and Balances

We have taught ourselves as a species many lessons about love by allowing that state of .relative perfection to go away. We have taught ourselves why love is worth standing for and worth working for. The way to do that is to recognize that this  
Krist template exists and it has a set of rules and balances. They are not rules that say you have to do this and you cannot do that. They are rules that every unit of consciousness of God that comes into the manifestation framework understands exactly: what the Krist is, what the template is, and how it works. It works in a form of action and reaction. There will be consequence to action which includes every thought, for even thought is action. So everything, 

every being that ever came into this Time Matrix-it does not matter how much it might whine now about "nobody's being fair to me!" Everyone knew when they first came into manifestation what the rules of the game were. And the rules were that there is a certain way the energy systems here work. 

There is a certain leeway if they are used in ways for which they were not originally created. But if you push too hard, the literal laws of inter-dimensional physics will push back, and you will not be happy with the consequences. Everyone knew that when they came in. However, many people have forgotten it. The universe and the cosmos are self-regulating. They do not require God to play warden. God just IS. And God extends love and continually sends pulses of consciousness in for manifestation and receives other pulses back home for recirculation, to go back home with Source-if you choose consciously or unconsciously. That is an option. But, God-Source does not play warden.

We are not separate from Source; we have a very direct relationship to Source. Creation isn't
something that was done to us; we are not victims in creation. We are an active part in creation.

We are Creators within creation. Part of our stewardship in creation is that we understand and acquaint ourselves with the structures of the God Worlds to fulfil our role as active Planetary Stewards.
Knowledge of the God Worlds honors our connection to Source.

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